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Mission Corbels are Classic Accent to Solid Oak Mantel

Carpi Mission Corbel

Our friends over at Lake Erie Woodworks in Erie, PA shared this photo of a solid oak mantel they made using Osborne’s Carpi Mission corbels, part 8008. Both the mantel and the Mission corbels were stained identically with a rich dark stain that beautifully contrasts with the lighter stone background. We just love how the classic lines of the Mission styling perfectly blend with the simple Mission styling of the mantel.

This Mission corbel features the simple, straightforward design of all of our Mission-style products. The front and sides of the corbel feature recessed panels, a rectangular face, and a curved side that gently tapers toward the bottom edge. Its clean shape is defined by the outlining along its edges and corners, underscored by areas of recessed hand-carving. These modest details work well in both contemporary and rustic spaces, as the lack of ornamentation helps the Carpi Mission Corbel complement a wide range of styles.

Not only can this Carpi Mission corbel be used as a support for a small shelf or mantelpiece, but the modest size gives it a variety of creative applications. In fact, many customers have turned our small corbels into decorative pieces or bookends. Let your creativity shine with the Carpi Mission Corbel. The Carpi Mission corbel is 6″ tall, 2 3/4″ wide and 3″ deep, and is available in eleven wood types. There are 2 vertically-mounted keyhole openings on the back of this corbel for easy mounting. For proper support, place one corbel at least every 3 feet of span.

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