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Mobile Serving Table Features Osborne Kitchen Island Posts

Islander Dining Table Leg
Islander Dining Table Leg

Inspired by plans from Ana White, our friend Piper created a mobile serving station. Adding stylish function to hosting, this serving station is perfect for events and occasions with friends and family!

Piper chose the Osborne Islander Dining Table Leg (Part #1150) in knotty pine. Pine offered a staining surface that really showcased the natural wood features such as grain and knots. The table legs were finished a dark stain to match the rest of the design. Casters with wheels were added to the bottom to create a mobile piece that can easily move from one serving area to another.

Awesome work Piper! Thank you so much for sharing your design with us!

Could you use a stylish yet functional serving station for your home? Be sure to check out our full line of table legs for the perfect support to your design! Find more inspiration and DIY tutorials from our friend Ana White on her Blog.

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