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Model Ship Masterpiece Supported by Oak Legs from Osborne

Devonshire Foot
Devonshire Foot

I absolutely love seeing photos from our customers of the pieces they have created. So much time, patience, and effort is put into the projects. The final results are phenomenal- so I just have to share! Today, I want to share a project submitted by Stephen R. of Montana. Stephen has been working on this project for quite some time, and we were able to help him display his final result. Let’s take a look at what Stephen has to say about his amazing Model Ship Project:

“The ship is a 120 gun french ship of the line from 1780. I built it over 8 years stopping and starting along the way. This is the 5th wooden ship model I have finished. I have built many other WWII ships and armor dioramas. This ship is from a kit produced by Mamoli corp and purchased from model expo co. It is 40 inches long 37 high 18 wide with a scale of 1 inch = 7 feet.” Wow! What an amazing accomplishment. The model is stunning, with so much detail.

Stephen also adds, “As for inspiration I just love the age of sail and beautiful wood. The cabinet is red oak and was also purchased unfinished from model expo as well. The glass and mirror were cut here by a local shop. I assembled  it myself adding the blue velvet and the legs I obtained from Osborne Wood Products. I knew it needed to be up off the floor and your table legs were the perfect answer.The cabinet is 54 inches long 19 wide 50 high. One last thought on the ship: it is plank on frame built up in much the same fashion as the real ones would have been.”

Devonshire Foot

Thank you Stephen, for choosing Osborne Legs for your project. Stephen chose four of our beautifully crafted Devonshire Legs (Part #6100) in Red Oak to match the cabinet. The end result is perfect.

Thank you for sharing your photos with us Stephen!

Do you have a hobby similar to Stephen’s? Or maybe you have another hobby or collection. Whether you build model ships or collect rare coins, why not display your designs using Osborne Table or Furniture Legs? Osborne offers a variety of perfect height queen annesquaredevonshire, or round legs to add a natural beauty to your collection. Be sure to check out ourCabinet and Furniture Feet today!

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