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Modern Balustrade Coffee Table

House of Wood Coffee Table Leg
House of Wood Coffee Table Leg

Our friend Dagon created a beautiful piece to go into his living room and we absolutely love it! While the balustrade coffee table is a classic choice, Dagon created one that matches the modern feel of the room it is in. He painted this beautiful table a gorgeous black that makes it stand out in the space where most everything else is white or gray.

We normally see coffee tables like this painted either a light color or stained for a more farmhouse feel but this black table is a beautiful way to create a modern look for your home. Dagon created the perfect look with this table to tie the room together by using our Traditional Coffee Table Legs.

Want to make a table like this for your own living room? Check out our Traditional Coffee Table Legs (Part # 1332) to get started on your new addition to your home! Is this not exactly the look you were going for? Take a look at our other coffee table legs HERE.

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