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Multi-Purpose Hobby Center with Red Oak Island Posts

Every crafter would love to have a workroom like the one shown here! Customer Fran B. of Beauregard Residential Design out of Greenville, South Carolina, decided to convert his home’s unused small living room into what he calls a “laundry palace/clothing care and hobby center.” Fran used oak and southern yellow pine along with Osborne’sred oakNarrow Concord Island Legs (1770) to create the beautiful work station pictured here. The lower shelves slide out for easy access to the storage space underneath, and Fran plans on installing arts & crafts square peg covers to hide the outer screws. The beautiful project is sure to incite jealousy from women everywhere and may cause Beauregard Residential Design to receive a rush of orders for similar pieces. Fantastic job, Fran!

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