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New Dining Table Build with Portsmouth Table Legs

Portsmouth Dining Table Leg and Portsmouth End Table Leg
Portsmouth Dining Table Leg and Portsmouth End Table Leg

One of our most popular (and most versatile) table legs at Osborne Wood Products is the Portsmouth table leg design. Created with a coastal theme in mind, this leg has also found a home in country rustic design. The Portsmouth table leg is unique, featuring a sleek and smooth surface accented by subtle turnings. The design is perfect for a variety of tables. Turned from a 4″ square, the Portsmouth is not too small, yet not too bulky to compliment your space.

Our friend Casey recently chose the Portsmouth Dining Table Leg (Part #1114) for his dining table project. The table legs were a flawless fit for his dark natural stained table top. Casey painted the legs black for a gentle contrast. The final product is stunning!

Casey told us here at Osborne, “The legs worked out great!  I used them to build a table for our dining room.  Sounds like a few friends liked it enough to ask for help building one for themselves. So maybe we will do more business in the future!” We look forward to working with you again, Casey! Awesome work!

Could you see a dining table similar to Casey’s in your home? Why not start designing your dream table!? Be sure to pick up your Portsmouth Table Legs from our website. To complete a full country ensemble, we’ve also made this design available in Coffee Table Height (Part #1204)! Browse our full collection of table legs online today!

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