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New Family Heirlooms to Treasure

Square Heritage Coffee Table Leg
Square Heritage Coffee Table Leg

Our friend Nicholas sent over pictures of the new bench that he created for his home. This is a bench that he and his family will cherish for years to come and we are so glad that we get to be a part of their family memories!

Nicholas chose to use our Square Heritage Coffee Table Legs to create this beautiful bench and we think it ended up beautifully! He started off by quarter notching the legs himself. Once he did this, he was all set to finish everything up! He painted the legs a beautiful milky white and assembled this stunning piece! He chose to sit it next to the stairwell, and it was a perfect fit!

Coffee Table Legs, Entry Way Bench, Bench, Entry Way, Square Heritage Coffee Table Legs

When Nicholas sent over the pictures of his stunning bench, he had this to say about the project. “I finally finished my project. It is an entry way bench using 4 of your Square Heritage Coffee Table Legs. I did the quarter notching myself to save some money and overall, it turned out great.” We would agree with him about that! His creation looks magnificent in it’s new home and using his own words, “it will turn into an heirloom item.” What do you think about their new heirloom?

Square Heritage Coffee Table Leg

Want to create an entry way bench like this for your home? Check out our Square Heritage Coffee Table Leg (Part # 1335) to get started! Don’t want to create one exactly like this one, but similar? Check out our wide selection of coffee table legs HERE.

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