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Nightstand Makeover with Osborne Bamboo Moulding

Want to bring a little style to your tired nightstands? Feast your eyes on the before/after photos of this ordinary IKEA nightstand that transformed into an Oriental beauty by adding some moulding, paint, and pretty gold hardware! Our friend Renee from Sacramento, CA, shared this photo with us to demonstrate how a little creativity can have a huge impact on ordinary furniture.

Half-Round Bamboo Moulding, part 891381 (Beech)

Renee used Osborne’s Half-Round Turned Bamboo Moulding, part 891381, plus some black milk paint, a couple of gorgeous brass pulls, and some eco-friendly acrylic sealant for a rich lacquered look.

Notice the care that Renee used to place the knuckles of the bamboo in identical positions on the top, bottom and sides that frame each drawer. The precision craftsmanship is what make this a real show piece that earned rave reviews on Instagram. Well done, Renee, and thanks for sharing!

The choice to include Osborne’s half-round cabinet moulding on the edges of furniture, vertical supports or horizontal shelves can make the difference between “alright” and “fantastic” in your woodwork. Half-round moulding is a simple yet elegant way to add instant style to your project. At Osborne Wood Products, you will find a full line of half-round moulding including bamboo, reeded, beaded, fluted, roped, basketweave, and even hand-carved! Build Something Beautiful with Osborne Wood Products mouldings, and then send us a photo of your creation so that we can share your project with other DIY-ers!

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