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Oak Coffee Table Using Osborne Farm Coffee Table Legs

Massive Farm Coffee Table Leg
Massive Farm Coffee Table Leg

Today, let’s take a look at a beautiful 55”x 55” Coffee table with 6 drawers. Robert F. was kind enough to submit photos of his finished product, as well as some background information on how the table came together. Let’s take a look at how Robert designed his coffee table:

Massive Farm Coffee Table Leg

“I started by buying rough sawed oak planks 8’ x 10” x 1” and planed them down to ¾” and cut out the drawer openings in two sides. I used 4 Massive Farm Coffee Table Legs from Osborne Wood Products, Inc. (Part #1370) and assembled the sides to the legs with biscuits and glue. I made a frame to receive the drawers and then I pre-fit it to the legs to be sure of the measurements. I then installed braces to support the frame and top. With predrilled holes for screws I assembled the frame to the legs (must be disassembled for shipping).
After assembling the drawers I installed the drawer slides and drawers. I made the drawer fronts also from oak that planed down and then routed two lines and the sides.
The top is from a 4” x 8” sheet of ¾” oak veneer and trimmed with 3.5” oak on all sides routed with a Roman ogee router tool, assembled with biscuits and glue.
I had the coffee table professionally stained in ten pieces, top, 2 leg sections with dummy drawers, main frame section and 6 drawer fronts.
After assembling the table upside down I used small L shape brackets to mount the top. I installed the drawer’s pulls only on the six working drawers.
I purchase the grape medallions from Lowe’s.

Excellent work Robert! Thank you for sharing this with us!

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