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Oak Vanity remodel using Osborne Furniture Feet

Albany Sofa Foot
Albany Sofa Foot

Remodeling on a budget can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be impossible! With resources on DIY ideas and ways to improve your current furniture and cabinetry, a complete renovation is not always required. When functional cabinetry features a timeless style, why not simply improve the piece instead of replacing it?

But how is this possible? Simple: Unfinished wood components! Unfinished components are a perfect way to spruce up your current piece. Whether adding feet to give the piece a lift, applying molding or half legs for detail and dimension, or simply replacing old posts, Osborne offers the components for the task. In a variety of wood types, unfinished components can be carefully finished to match your current design flawlessly.

Today, I would like to feature a perfect example of improving a current piece. Vince D. of New Jersey submitted these photos of his bathroom vanity. Can you tell the vanity was raised? Vince raised this timeless oak piece by using 3 Osborne Albany Feet (Part #41033) in Red Oak. Here is what Vince told Osborne about his project:

Albany Sofa Foot

“Thank you for supplying quality wood turnings.  As you will see, no one would ever guess that we raised this vanity.  It is 20 years old, but in excellent condition.  Cost was less than $150.00, including 3 “feet” purchased from you.  Likely saved over $1,300 by not purchasing a new vanity. In addition to the purchase of 3 feet from you, we also purchased the cove molding.  Everything else, including the oak kick panel was from our wood inventory.”

Thank you for sharing your project with us Vince. I’m sure you will continue to enjoy this beautiful vanity for years to come!

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