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Old World Legs Accent Sideboard with Deluxe Salvaged Windows

This beautiful sideboard proves that coffee table legs aren’t just for coffee tables! In addition to being used for tables, benches, lamps, game tables, children’s desks and bookcase/bed supports, coffee tables can also double as sideboard legs! For proof, we offer this incredible example of expert craftsmanship from our friends over at Cross Cut Vintage Designs, who used our part# 1312 Old World Coffee Table Leg to support their beautiful sideboard table. Check out the unique glass on the two doors that gives the piece elegance, which was salvaged from an old home that was being torn down. High praise to Cross Cut Vintage Designs for their creative recycling in putting the unique windows to such beautiful use.

Cross Cut used blanks to extend the height of the legs on each corner, with beautiful routing on the face of the legs to accent the lines of the furniture. The creamy white paint on both the legs and the body of the sideboard is the perfect finish for such an elegant piece.

We can’t thank Cross Cut Vintage Designs enough for letting us share their photos with our customers, and are so happy that they were able to Build Something Beautiful with Osborne’s products. We hope that you will also Build Something Beautiful, and don’t forget to send us your photos so others can be inspired by your handiwork.

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