Osborne Awarded Globe Award

December 3, 2020- Osborne Wood Products, Inc. was named alongside 31 other Georgia companies for entering new international markets in 2019 by the Georgia Department of Economic Development. Although Osborne has always occupied space as an international supplier of high-quality component parts for the furniture and kitchen and bath industries, ongoing efforts to expand internationally have resulted in supplying customers in new markets in recent years.

Marketing director, Jeremy McClain, noted, “We were glad to be recognized for expanding into new markets which continue to be priorities for our ongoing growth. Although Osborne has had to rely on technology recently to facilitate international relationships because of the pandemic, we are fortunate to have been able to also re-tool our international marketing plan. Moving forward, we anticipate designating space on the website specifically for international inquiries, expanding international marketing efforts, and developing an international line.”

You can read the press release from the Georgia Department of Economic Development here.

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