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Osborne Coffee Table Legs support Butcher Block Project

Colonial Coffee Table Leg
Colonial Coffee Table Leg

Some say that great ideas are born from necessity. When a need is realized we want to find ways to meet those needs. But one of the best things about our customers is that projects are completed to not only provide functionality, but style as well. Some of my favorite project photos have come from a completely functional design where the personality of the builder shines through. DIY projects, renovations, and woodworking can be a great way to express your own unique personality while creating a functional design.

Today, let’s take a look at a functional, yet beautiful piece by Dennis D. Dennis chose to use the Osborne Colonial Coffee Table Leg (Part # 1321) for his design. He chose to use a knotty pine leg and applied a red finish. The rustic style of the leg, when matched with the knotty pine, made a perfect addition to this butcher block design.

Colonial Coffee Table Leg

Dennis told us, “The table legs are 1321P. They support a hardwood butcher block w/pullout breadboard and one large drawer. We are very pleased with the availability and quality of these coffee table legs.” Thank you for the kind words Dennis. And for the amazing photos.

We love this butcher block design. The bold colors mixed with the colonial style make this a perfect design for a country or rustic style home. The functionality of the piece makes it even more of an asset to the space. Wonderful idea Dennis. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Add character and functionality to your next design. Whether you are working with a butcher block or granite, Osborne table legs are created for load bearing applications, while adding just the right style to your project!

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