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Osborne Continues to aid in Community Efforts to Eradicate COVID-19

Pictured from left to right are Jeremy McClain, Marketing Director; Sally Walker of St. Mary’s; and Leon Osborne, CEO.

As the COVID-19 battle persists, Osborne Wood Products, Inc. continues to provide support for the community. Throughout the pandemic, Osborne has contributed supplies to area hospitals. Most recently, Osborne provided 480 N95 masks to St. Mary’s Health Care System. This is just one of many ways Osborne has aided in the fight against COVID-19.

Osborne has navigated the coronavirus pandemic with an aggressive approach from the beginning. Safety measures began immediately upon learning of the virus with Head of Safety and Maintenance, Keith Anderson, hosting a safety meeting for all employees in early February 2020. Initiative was also taken by CEO, Leon Osborne, to offer as much support as possible to Osborne employees and the community. In March 2020, the Osborne team partnered with Stephens County Hospital to create an informative video answering common COVID-19 questions, which can be viewed on YouTube here.

In the past year, the work experience for Osborne employees has changed drastically. Osborne allowed many employees to work for home by implementing new technology solutions and work procedures. These safety measures remain in effect and have proven to be successful in maintaining Osborne’s high customer service standards, as well as the production of quality products shipped in a timely manner.

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