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Osborne Employees Honored For Years of Service

Osborne Employees Honored For Years of Service

Toccoa, GA – Osborne Wood Products, Inc. has recently presented three of their employees with awards for their years of service to the company. The awards were presented at the annual employee appreciation dinner that Osborne hosts for their employees. Leon Osborne presented these employees with the awards as followed (from left to right) – Cindy Patrick has been serving the company for 10 years, Clarissa Trimmer has served for 5 years, and Jonathan Osborne has dedicated 15 years to the growth of Osborne Wood Products.

Leon Osborne was proud to present these awards to his employees. He stated that “Clarissa Trimmer, overseeing HR and accounting; Cindy Patrick, leading the customer service team to build relationships with our customers; and Jonathan Osborne, managing IT and Production; are all actively involved in generating support systems for the entire team to contributing to the culture that we value at Osborne. Through these values we have seen members of our team achieve significant successes and accomplishments.”

Osborne Wood Products’ mission of a ‘culture of caring’ promotes communication and efficiency. With just under thirty employees and a large national as well as international customer base, Osborne gives you the small business feel with the big business impact. With over 3 decades of successful business experience across the US, Canada, and internationally, Osborne is a growing and thriving business environment. A great place to work, Osborne offers a professional atmosphere that will challenge you to grow and develop your professional skills. Osborne provides a comprehensive benefits package and a 24-hour on site fitness center because we truly believe our employees are our most valuable asset.

Osborne Wood Products is a manufacturer and supplier of unfinished wood and metal components. Service the tradesman and hobbyist alike, Osborne has served customers from its Toccoa location since 1979.

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