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Michael Betz Table Slides

Here at Osborne we like to do things by the book, so believe us when we say the only things we do “under the table” are our amazing table slides. We have several different options of standard slides, equalizing pedestal slides, and standard equalizing slides in multiple sizes. Our table slides have been specifically engineered to allow a smooth and easy transition for your table. Our friend Michael put our table slides to the test and realized that some of the best things in life can’t be seen.

Michael built this beautiful Cumaru outdoor dining table using our 26” equalizer table slides, and man, he did a great job!!! These slides accept two twelve inch leaves making it perfect for a large amount of people. Another great thing about these slides are the fact that they are constructed with a camber to prevent table sagging. This means you can keep your table around for many years to come without worrying about any table top sag. We absolutely love this table, it is just gorgeous! It is going to be the perfect center for entertaining almost any amount of people for back yard parties and cookouts.

Are you feeling inspired yet? Remember some of the best things in life are the things you can’t see! Michael even told us, “You can’t see it, but your smooth operating equalizer table slide is hidden under this beautiful Cumaru outdoor dining tale I just completed. Thanks for the great quality!” Check out our 26” equalizer slide (Part #9050) today and start expanding the number on your guest list! Or check out our wide variety of other table slides!

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