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Osborne Helps You Build A Beautiful Table

If you are longing for a beautifully-crafted table but don’t have the slightest clue where to start, Osborne has just what you need. We make it so easy for you to create the table of your dreams. If you would like to get your hands a little dirty with some assembly work, look no further than Osborne’s custom table kits.

With Osborne’s table kits, you get to choose the size of the table, the wood type, the legs, and the skirting profile (finished edge at the bottom of the skirtboard). We do all the measuring, cutting, drilling, and precision work, then send it to you along with the hardware needed to complete the table base.

Osborne takes the hard work out of table building, and mills everything to your specifications so you can build something beautiful!

When your Osborne table kit order is placed, we begin with the corner braces, cutting each corner brace with a 45 degree cut, then drill a hole in the center of the bracket. Pocket holes are then milled into each side of the corner bracket, which are used to attach the bracket to the skirtboards. Every cut, trim and drill is an exercise in precision.

The apron lengths are then measured and cut to length. Each end is cut an extra 3/4″ to create tenons that insert into the legs. Pocket holes are drilled along the length of each board every six inches, to attach the table base to the table top.

Then the ends of each board are tennoned to attach the boards to the legs, and all 4 sides of each skirtboard are sanded to 150 grit, ready to finish when delivered.

Next, the top blocks of the legs are given a chamfer cut to create a flat surface on the inside-facing corner. A hole is drilled into the center of the chamfer, then a metal fitting is inserted that allows a bolt to be inserted through the center hole of the corner brace, which gives stability to the table frame.

The mortise joint pocket is cut on two adjacent sides of each leg that precisely matches the dimensions of the tenons at the ends of the skirtboards.

Each leg is then sanded and the kit is checked over for any imperfections.

Your table kit is ready to be boxed and shipped out by the following day of the order. Same-day shipping is also available!

Click here for a video showing the details of preparing an Osborne Table kit:

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