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Osborne is Adding a New Bendix Addition

Osborne is Adding a New Bendix Addition
Osborne is Adding a New Bendix Addition

Toccoa, GA – Osborne Wood Products is Growing Again!

Osborne Wood Products, a leading manufacturer and supplier of unfinished wood components located in Toccoa, GA, is currently undergoing new construction. The company is expanding its front building, with ground breaking in August of 2016. The new addition to the Osborne facility will house the new Bendix Collection which was acquired from Bendix Architectural Products in December of 2015.

CEO Leon Osborne is excited about this newest addition and expansion of the Osborne facilities. “Osborne Wood Products, Inc. has experienced steady, uninterrupted growth for the past three decades, and has always seemed to be bursting at the seams. With the purchase of Bendix Mouldings, Inc. in the fourth quarter of 2015, we added over 150 new decorative moldings to our product line. With this new addition to our plant, we are able to accommodate for these new decorative products, increase efficiency in managing inventory, and strategically maintain our values on prompt shipping.”

Osborne is Adding a New Bendix Addition

The new addition is expected to allow Osborne to better serve their customers. Osborne Marketing Assistant Lane Taylor explains, “With our acquisition of the Bendix Architectural Products we were able to add the Bendix collection to our online catalog. For the first time in history, customers are able to purchase these beautiful products from our website.”

With the Bendix Collection available via the World Wide Web, Osborne’s new addition will allow the company to continue the same Osborne quality of service across all product lines; particularly the Bendix Collection.

“We are both excited and proud to see this growth,” Leon Osborne stated. “Osborne’s growth provides an exciting opportunity for both the company and the community. We are proud to be headquartered in Toccoa and have found it to be a great place for our business, and a great place to do life.”

Osborne Wood Products is an international manufacturer and supplier of unfinished wood and metal furniture and cabinetry components. Serving both the trade, as well as avid hobbyists, Osborne is located in Toccoa, GA.

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