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Osborne Participates in Employment Workshop- Toccoa, GA Employment Workshop for parole citizens in Toccoa, GA.

Employment Workshop

On February 27, 2013, Osborne Wood Products Human Resources Manager, Clarissa Trimmer, along with CEO, Leon Osborne, participated in a mock interview program during Tammy Gibson’s Employment Workshop. Mrs. Tammy Gibson, the Toppstep Coordinator for the Georgia Department of Corrections conducted the workshop, consisting of five two hour sessions for parole citizens in our community.  Wednesday February 27, 2013 was the fifth session and graduation of 14 candidates participating in this program.

Employment Workshop

Osborne is proud to support such a beneficial program as Mrs. Gibson’s Employment Workshop. Mrs. Gibson headed up this program in Stephens County in February which will be followed by similar programs in Habersham and Rabon counties.

In 2010 Mrs. Gibson was responsible for “Job Readiness” which was only a 2 hour class for probationers.  She quickly recognized that, while the objectives were noble, the amount that students could learn in two hours simply was not enough to prepare them for a successful job search.  With this in mind coupled with her zeal to genuinely help people, she crafted the Employment Workshop consisting of five two hour sessions. Since its inception over 115 people have attended these classes.  Graduates have experience a 30% job success rate.

In order to do the mock interviews she needed volunteer HR professionals to assist with meeting the students and provide genuine interviewing experiences. Osborne Wood Products was proud to be one of the participants in this event alongside Danette Smith, with the Georgia Department of Labor, and Mary Kay Ritchey, the HR director of Toccoa Falls College.

Ms. Gibson said that the driving force for her experience can be summed up as: “Personally it is my goal to make a difference in just one person’s life and to pay it forward”.

Osborne Wood Products is committed, not only to be a partner in success in woodworking, but in the community as well. Events such as the Employment Workshop offered by Mrs. Gibson are just one of the many ways that Osborne strives to reach further and continue to partner for a successful community.

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