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Osborne Posts Featured in St. Sebastian Church

Our friend David, from Kentucky, sent over some amazing pictures of a Tabernacle Stand he built using our Extended Reeded Island Leg. You can find this lovely stand at St. Sebastian Church in Calhoun, Kentucky. David made it to replace one he had also built for the church that was several years old.


David chose these legs in red oak and gave them a gorgeous Honey Oak Stain to match the rest of the stand flawlessly. But the amazing finish isn’t the only thing great about this tabernacle stand! David elaborated on this by saying, “It’s designed to install and de-install, if it has to be moved, it splits into three sections: top, middle, and bottom.” That will come in very handy considering the fact that this tabernacle stand weighs approximately three hundred pounds! David’s creation is seven feet wide, five feet tall, and thirty inches deep. This huge stand is replacing the smaller one that he created years back.

This stand is an excellent example of wonderful craftsmanship and a passion for using your talents! Well done David! We know this stand will make a beautiful addition to St. Sebastian Church for many years to come!

Are you looking to create or revamp your very own project? Try out our Extended Reeded Island Leg (Part #1566) and get started today. If this is not the look you’re going for you can find several other amazing designs on our website. From Church Tabernacle stands to kitchen islands the possibilities are endless.

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