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Osborne Products used by Woodhill Cabinetry

Classic Reeded Island Post & Verona Corbel with Acanthus Leaves
Classic Reeded Island Post & Verona Corbel with Acanthus Leaves

There are so many details that go into a kitchen remodel. Building the perfect kitchen is not only fun and exciting, but takes careful and strategic planning. Defining color schemes, textures, and materials is just part of the task. And the best part, in my opinion, is adding the intricate detail that brings the whole design together.

At Osborne Wood Products we love adding the “wow” factor to your kitchen remodel. Our quality hand carved and turned products add the perfect detail without taking anything away from the other elements of your design. In fact, we emphasize them. By combining unique patterns and textures to meet your needs, our products really set your design apart and make it your own.

Take a look at this amazing kitchen by Woodhill Cabinetry & Design in Ottawa, IL. How many Osborne pieces can you find?

Let’s start with the kitchen island and counters. Woodhill Cabinetry & Design used OsborneClassic Reeded Island Posts (Part #1456M) in Soft Maple. Soft Maple is a hardwood that is an excellent paint grade. As you can see, the legs were finished to match the cabinets and island flawlessly.

Classic Reeded Island Post & Verona Corbel with Acanthus Leaves

Now take a look to the far right. You’ll see two of Osborne’s Verona Corbels with Acanthus Leaves (Part #8085) supporting a shelf in front of the cabinets. The corbels are made of Rubberwood which, contrary to what it sounds like, is a beautiful wood (not rubber) with excellent finishing qualities. As part of the Maple family, Rubberwood makes an excellent paint grade, though we do recommend a good primer due to it being slightly porous.

Thank you for sharing your photos with us Woodhill Cabinetry. The kitchen is amazing!

Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen? Maybe you just want to add some detail to your existing island or cabinetry. If you love the Acanthus Leaf design found in this kitchen be sure to check out our Acanthus Leaf Collection. The collection features island legscorbelsmolding and more to bring your design together. While you’re there, be sure to click over to the Basket Weave and Mission Style collections as well! Make your kitchen dreams a reality!

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