Osborne Provides DIY Table Legs for All Projects

Christian Smedberg explains Osborne Wood Products’ role in creating the Perfect DIY Table Design! #buildatable
Building a table for your home is such a rewarding project! Seeing a stunning, hand crafted wood table in your home is such a feeling of accomplishment and pride. When your friends and family meet at the dining table for a meal, or when you gather around the coffee table for a game night or time of social relaxation, it is an overwhelming sense of excitement to explain “I made this table!”

Have you looked through photos of stunning wood farm tables? Have you drooled over the beautiful designer coffee tables? Do you wish that you could have tables, just like the ones you’ve found online, in your home? Osborne Wood Products makes creating, building, and enjoying a stunning solid wood dining table easier than ever! Whatever your level of skill and woodworking, you can have a hand crafted table in your home! Here’s how:

At Osborne Wood Products we have teamed up with a variety of DIY blogs in order to make your table dreams a reality! Blogs like Ana-White.comShanty2ChicHouse of WoodDecor and the Dog, and many more feature full tutorials for DIY tables that you can build at home. Osborne Wood Products makes it simple to make these tables a reality in your home by offering beautifully turned table legs for the designs.

Are you dreaming of a farm table? You know, the one with those big chunky farm table legs and natural wood top. There are free plans for that!

Ana White Blog

Ana White, as well as Decor and The Dog, have both featured the Osborne Husky Dining Table Leg (Part #1109) in their DIY Table Tutorials!

Another table leg favorite from Osborne Wood Products is a coffee table leg that we created for Shanty 2 Chic. This beautiful design has been used to create the perfect coffee tables to grace any style home! A free tutorial for this table is also available online! The Shanty2Chic Coffee Table Leg (Part #1332) is also available in End Table Height (Part #1268) to create a matching end table design.

Finished Table

Looking for more inspiration? Check out the How-To Section of the blog for more DIY Projects and Tutorials.

Don’t forget to Share your designs with us! You can send us your DIY photos through our blog or by using #buildatable.

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