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Osborne Supports Educational Experiences for Key Employees


In the more than 35 years’ experience of Osborne Wood Products in purchasing lumber, we have found that some of the best lumber in the United States is in the Northeast.  We are often asked the question about why would you not use local wood species words that are grown in the state of Georgia. Many of our customers know that Georgia is famous for his red clay. Well on the surface this may not seem to be important one might take note that the red color is created by iron deposits in Georgia soil. Trees grown in Georgia absorb the iron resulting in mineral streaks throughout the tree.  Well in much of country decor of these streaks may be considered attractive, for the most part our customers consider mineral streaking to be a defect. Because of the nature of the premium product at Osborne offers we select lumber from the best law growing regions in the country.


This past week Travis Hill, an Osborne buyer, accompany the CEO to visit some lumber mills in Pennsylvania and New York where much of the highest-grade lumber is found. The principal goal of this trip was educational in nature as Travis is a new buyer with Osborne. Some of the things that Travis observed were the quality log selection, select cutting of logs to create the best quality product, Kiln drying processes, as well as final selection and quality inspection products that are shipped to Osborne Wood Products.


Field trips like this or occasionally done with the key employees of Osborne Wood Products to both and enrich their educational experience as well as continue providing the highest-level quality to our customers.

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