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Osborne Wood Product, Inc. Promotes From Within

Toccoa, GA – Osborne Wood Products, Inc. has recently promoted two current employees to higher positions. While many companies may struggle to find replacements when employees move on, Osborne has quickly recovered the loss of their long-term marketing assistant. In this transition, two current customer service representatives will be working together in order to tackle the large challenge ahead as they progress the company’s marketing department. They will leverage their joint efforts to expand the marketing department to unprecedented heights in order to grow sales, promote new products, and enter new markets.

Megan Monge who started with Osborne in August of 2016, has been granted the wonderful opportunity to become Interim Marketing Assistant. This is a major feat for the once customer service representative as she is taking on new tasks such as planning company trade shows, creating digital and print advertisements, website editing, and much more. When asked what she is most excited about in the new transition, Monge had this to say, “This is a very exciting new opportunity where I will learn and grow while promoting the company that I work for. While it is going to be a difficult transition, I am very excited about this as we move forward.”

Amy Stowers who started with Osborne in January of 2016, has been promoted to Customer Care Advocate. Stowers was also a customer service representative and will be assisting Monge in the transition by taking on responsibilities such as social media postings, press releases, photography, Amazon representation, and testing of new releases to the company’s ordering interface. “I am very excited to work alongside Megan in this new transition as we work together to promote Osborne. It is truly a blessing to be in this position. This will be a difficult transition as there are many new and exciting skills to master, but it will all be worth it in the end.”

Leon Osborne, Owner and CEO of Osborne Wood Products, is excited to see the team members apply themselves, take on new responsibilities, and learn new skills. “I have observed these attributes among our Customer Service team on countless occasions. This week we have had the opportunity to recognize two of the team with advancements. I salute both of these associates for their accomplishments as well as their commitment to serve our customers both national and internationally,” says Osborne.

Osborne Wood Products, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of wood furniture and kitchen components. With thousands of products available, they have engaged in trade with the United states, Canada, and many customers world-wide since 1979.

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