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Osborne Wood Products and Boys & Girls Club Partner for Security

Osborne Wood Products and Boys and Girls Club Partner for Security

Partnering with Absolute Security and The Boys and Girls Club, Osborne Wood Products recently donated funds to purchase and install an advanced security monitoring system for The Boys and Girls Club’s facility on Whitman Street.  The new security system for the club includes fire exit alarms, entrance/exit cameras, and a complete monitoring display.

The improvement plan was initiated when Leon Osborne, CEO of Osborne Wood Products, Inc., took a tour of the Boys and Girls Club facility. Together with Gary Donahue, they identified various areas of the facility that could use security improvements. They also called in Absolute Security of Toccoa for a consultation on security updates. All improvements and equipment were installed within 3 weeks of the project initiation. Osborne Wood Products, Inc. donated funds totaling 50% of the entire purchase.

“Partnering with our community is a vital function of Osborne Wood Products” Leon Osborne stated, “the real success in this story is the cooperation of all involved to create a safer environment for our children. It took individuals who were forward thinking, community-minded, and all-around focused on the wellbeing of our kids to make this project happen”.

Gary Donahue and Leon Osborne learn more about the Monitoring system from Boys & Girls Club’s Mark Mendoza

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