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Osborne Wood Products Holds Employee Appreciation Banquet

On August 8, 2019, Osborne Wood Products hosted an Employee Appreciation Banquet for all of their employees and guests at the Georgia Baptist Conference Center in Toccoa, Georgia. Osborne employees and their guests enjoyed a sumptuous meal in a beautiful setting. And after the meal, gifts of appreciation were given to Osborne interns, Trade Show Team members, and Continuous Improvement Award winners.

Osborne had many interns from Stephens County High School that spent the last year employed in different Osborne departments, and each intern was given a parting gift of appreciation. Interns attending the banquet are shown in the photo below. From the left are Jonah Chambers, Cassie Morgan, Evan Lord, Colby Whited and Mason Weaver.

Members of the Trade Show Team who participated in the Las Vegas Trade Shows this year were also given commemorative shirts. Team members in attendance at the banquet are shown in the photo below. From the left are Leon Osborne, Helen Walters, Sarah Walker, Daniel Moore, Russell Tucker, and Jonah Chambers.

One Osborne employee, Jennifer Shannon, was singled out to receive Osborne’s Continuous Improvement Award. As Customer Service Lead, Jennifer was praised for her outstanding attention to the needs of Osborne’s customers and the Customer Service department.

Noteworthy among the awards was a 40th Anniversary plaque given to Leon and Janice Osborne, shown below, recognizing their contributions to the success of Osborne Wood Products over the last 40 years. The plaque they were given recognized their unwavering leadership, inspiration, vision and unrelenting guidance.

After the banquet, many employees met onstage and donned accessories for an impromptu masquerade session–and fun was had by all!

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