Osborne Wood Products Hosts Virtual Tour

August 18, 2021, Osborne Wood Products, Inc. was pleased to host a virtual tour for Piedmont University students. Professor Sandra Maughon helped coordinate the opportunity on behalf of her students studying logistics. Although originally planned as an in-person facility tour, the rapid rise of Covid-19 cases influenced a move to a virtual tour. Presenters included Leon Osborne, Jeremy McClain, Jonathan Osborne, and Jason Hubble.

The Osborne Team utilized the SCOR model for supply chain strategic decisions to help share details of the company through the lens of planning, sourcing, making, delivering, and returning. In addition to prepared presentation, the students were able to view streamed video of various aspects of Osborne’s internal procedures. Many thanks to Professor Sanda Maughon for the opportunity. Piedmont University is a private university with campuses in Demorest and Athens, Georgia.

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