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Osborne Wood Products Implements New Covid-19 Proximity Trackers to Help Mitigate Virus Spread

As COVID-19 rates have continued to climb in Georgia, local businesses have continued to explore best practices in maintaining healthy work environments. Some strategies that are central to these efforts include implementing supportive sick leave policies and practices, requiring the use of an appropriate face mask, promoting regular hand washing, practicing social distancing, and implementing other policy refinements to proactively mitigate potential spread.

Osborne Wood Products, Inc. has recently added another strategy to its virus mitigation efforts. After being made aware of recently released wearable solutions to social distancing and contact tracing, Osborne Wood Products CEO, Leon Osborne, pursued securing these devices for his staff. Osborne Wood Products has adopted the use of wearable monitors which alert the wearer if he or she is too near another individual. Moreover, in the event of an individual on staff testing positive for COVID-19, the data which is collected by the devices can be pulled to identify any other staff members who would need to proactively quarantine in accordance with CDC guidance.

Daniel Moore, IT Systems Manager at Osborne Wood Products, said, “Osborne Wood Products, Inc. is taking large steps to ensure employee safety. We are currently evaluating Social Distancing and Contact Tracing wearable monitors. These monitors are designed to bring awareness to our employees in regards to maintaining appropriate social distance while working. The monitors also record encounters where employees may come within 6 feet of each other and accumulates that time so that in the event of a positive COVID-19 test we can simplify contact tracing and ensure the appropriate response is taken. This will result in quarantining only those who have been exposed while keeping the remaining employees safe and working.”

For more information on the wearable monitors in use at Osborne Wood Products, you can view the company’s promotional video below, or visit their website at https://www.rightcrowd.com/social-distancing-monitoring/

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