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Osborne Wood Products Sustainability Statement


Statement of Sustainability:

We believe in developing, implementing, and maintaining innovative efforts to sustain and improve our quality of life, our community, and our planet; recognizing that these areas are interconnected.

“Sustainability is a concept that we take seriously. Not a trend, but a way of life; we seek to promote sustainability – of quality of life, of community, and of the planet – in all that we do.”

– Leon Osborne, CEO

Life – Community – Planet

Sustainability” is a word you hear a lot, these days. “Going green” is the new trend, and a lot of companies and individuals are scrambling to find ways to conform to it. However, like most words in the English Language, “Sustainability” is a word that has many connotations. We at Osborne Wood Products, Inc. are striving to promote sustainability in every sense of the word.
Osborne Wood Products strives to be a sustaining force in the surrounding community. One way that we accomplish this is to host tours for middle school students, teaching them about the importance of getting a good job, and what steps they need to take to prepare themselves for this. Additionally, we have participated in fundraisers for local literacy programs, such as SELF (Stephens Education and Literacy Foundation). Another way in which Osborne strives to give back to our community is through support of various other organizations. In addition to giving support (both financially and in presence) to local scouting troops, we have taken part in an advertising campaign to support local farmers. Donating table legs to a home for abused and neglected children, and also to Project Playhouse (a fundraiser for Home-Aid Atlanta, a group which works to house the temporarily homeless in the Greater Atlanta Metro Area); things such as these are the heartbeat of this company.
Osborne Wood Products, Inc. seeks to sustain the lives of the employees who work here. Not only are there full benefits in the realm that you might expect (medical, dental, and vision), but employees are also encouraged to preventative health care. From seminars on whole-body wellness to a full work-out facility, employees of Osborne Wood Products, Inc. are encouraged to take care of their bodies before sickness occurs. The gym facility includes a full basketball court, racquetball court, weight room, and an aerobics room. Even the families of employees are able to come and enjoy these facilities along with them. Beyond that, Osborne Wood Products, Inc. is rated as having one of the best employee retention rates in the industry. Such facts inspire confidence and encouragement in the minds of employees, allowing them to contribute to an uplifting workplace atmosphere.
And last, although certainly not least, we here at Osborne Wood Products, Inc. make the effort to sustain our planet. In our recent building addition, we did research to determine the best eco-friendly ways to expand our offices and warehouse. We used sheet rock, paints, timber, and carpeting that were low (or no, in some cases) Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C.). We used blown in cellulose insulation, which was made from recycled materials, for fiberglass free insulation. Also, the carpeting and the sound proofing fabric used in some office space were made from recycled materials, as well. All of these things contribute not just to general eco-friendliness, but also to the health and welfare of Osborne employees. Even further still, in some of our carved items we offer Rubberwood (also known as Parawood), an eco-friendly wood species. We are also looking into what other “green” wood types we can add to our already expansive repertoire.

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