Osborne Company News

Osborne Wood Products Welcomes New Team Members

We have recently brought on some new members to our team at Osborne Wood Products and we are excited to introduce them to you.

Jonathan Little

Jonathan Little is joining our production team as a lathe operator. He will also be supporting our shipping team in the evenings. We are excited to have Jonathan working with us part time while he is going to school and working on his degree. His participation is helping us make products and get them shipped so that you get your product when you need it.

Dan White

Dan White is our Shipping Lead. He is working with our shipping team to support our same day shipping initiative. Dan is offering our shipping team solutions for unique shipping situation as well as ensuring a high level of quality. We are excited to have Dan on our team!


We are also excited to welcome Jacob to the team. Jacob is interning with us on our drafting team while he attends high school. Ethan Lord is working with Jacob to help him successfully create CAD drawing, set up new parts and programming. We are excited to employ interns who are interested in gaining on the job skills. Ethan is an excellent person to be mentored by in this department.

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