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Osborne Wood Products Welcomes Technology Team from Romania

On Tuesday, May 14, Osborne Wood Products hosted Sergiu Neacsu and Mihai Cernea , two members of its technological team from Romania, for a 2-day session to review the infrastructure and system processes of the Osborne website. For the past 9 years, the Romanian partners have provided a powerful and efficient website presence for Osborne Wood Products, which has helped Osborne become a major player in the wood products industry.

The Romanian team met with management team members to discuss tools and strategies to best support Osborne’s burgeoning growth and online presence. Team members from Production, IT, Shipping, Customer Service, Accounting, Human Resources and Purchasing shared their ideas and suggestions for how the Romanian IT team can best help their individual departments.

One of the keys to the success of Osborne’s online presence has been the clear and effective communication of the company’s needs to the Romanian IT team. Through a regular system of online updates and innovations, Osborne has enjoyed an impressive and steady growth in online sales.  Osborne’s online customers are very impressed with the look and feel of the Osborne website, and give glowing reviews of their online experience.

Several times each month, the Romanian team delivers system updates that improve the functionality and appearance of Osbornewood.com, the company’s website. Through this continual upgrade of its website and the company’s IT processes, Osborne has emerged as one of the major leaders in the finished wood products industry.

 Leon Osborne, CEO of Osborne Wood Products, understands that the key to the success of the company is providing what customers want– the best product at the best price in as little time as possible. He believes that by constantly improving efficiencies in every area of the company, Osborne Wood Products will continue to enjoy tremendous growth.

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