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Osborne’s Mid-Summer Photo Competition!

Do you have a fantastic project you’ve finished?  What about one you couldn’t be prouder of? We want to see it!  Send us professional quality pictures to photocomp@osbornewood.com with the subject “Summer Photo Comp” and you will be entered to win!

Be sure to include some information with your submission:  Name, company name (if you have one), contact number, what Osborne products you used, and a handle if you want us to tag you!

Entries will be accepted July 1, 2018 -September 30, 2018.  Finalists will be chosen by second week of October, and then presented on our social media sites to be voted on!

Love ina cup! (2)

First Place Prize: Set of Four (4) Narrow Reeded Island Posts (part #1446) in red birch

Second Place Prize: Set of Two (2) Barcelona Classic Corbels (part #8050) in red birch

Third Place Prize: Set of Four (4) Medium Squat Round Bun Feet (part #4115) in red birch

***Red Birch is a high quality specialty wood, similar in color to cherry.  It is usually available only through custom requests***

All entries will be featured on social media or our blog, with your handle tagged (if you submit one)!

* Images must be high quality and high resolution for  consideration
**All entries must have an Osborne product used in it
***All entries become property of Osborne Wood Products and can be modified and used for their purposes

****Prizes are subject to change based on quality and availability

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