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Osborne’s Table Kits for Covered Patio Dining

Osborne makes pre-fabricated table base kits that easily and quickly fit together to make a beautiful, secure base for any table top. Check out this stunning, stone-topped table that serves a gorgeous, open-air structure. The beautiful stone top is repeated on the surrounding counter tops, and the table creates the highlight feature of this outdoor kitchen. we just love the deluxe outdoor kitchen/dining area! Our friend SouthboundRob down in Jacksonville, FL built this lovely table.

This table base kit was customized to the customer’s dimensions, wood type preference, and island leg style. The customer then added reinforcing supports in the center of the table to better support the heavy stone Dolomite top. The before photos below show the table base with the extra supports added, before applying the top. The finished size is 4′ x 7′ with a height of 37″.

Osborne is proud to have contributed to this beautiful table, and can do the same for you! Go ahead and imagine your dream table, with just the right legs, just the right wood, and just the right overhang! We will help you customize the size to perfectly suit your space. You’re going to be pleased with the outcome so be sure to visit Table Apron Sets to begin the process of making your dream table a reality.

Build Something Beautiful with Osborne’s table base kits, and then send us a photo of your creation so that we can share your creation with other table lovers!

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