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Painted Kitchen Island Legs for Contempory Kitchen Style

Massive Concord Island Leg
Massive Concord Island Leg

It is always exciting to see photos of projects done by our customers. Recently, we received a photo from Ceil K of Louisiana. Ceil and his brother-in-law, Frank, built an amazing kitchen island that we just couldn’t keep to ourselves!

This beautiful island is supported by four of Osborne Wood Product’s Massive Concord Island Legs (Part #1773). Ceil and Frank chose Hard Maple for this project. They also added a rail underneath the island design. Absolutely fantastic work!

In love with this design? Why not add Concord Island legsto your next project?! The versatile Concord Style is designed with you in mind. Not only is this leg available in a 5” width (the size Ceil and Frank chose), but it is also available is 3” , 3 ½” , 4” , 5” , 6” , and 8” widths. Add a look of elegance to your kitchen today with one of these quality turned legs! (Also available in dining table height!)

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