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Large Pedestal Kit

Finding the perfect table to complement a space you’ve put a lot of work into remodeling is never easy.  Add in something that fits your style and vision, and is unique?  You may as well throw in the towel or be ready for a long search!  Or, you could just build it yourself like our friend Clyde did for his renovated patio!

Large Pedestal Kit

Clyde ordered two of Osborne’s Large Pedestal Kits (part #1145) for a patio table.  He painted them a pale blue, and attached them to a 110″ x 55″ one piece marble slab top.  The sturdy pedestals have no problem supporting the heavy slab, however, and the table can comfortably seat 16.  The pedestal is a has a relatively simple, curved silhouette which makes it easy to blend into almost any room style.  While many may see it as a more traditional, shaker, or even contemporary design, the kit fits perfectly into the Tuscany vibe of the patio!

Pedestals are very popular table base options for both the aesthetic and the amount of leg room given, especially on circular table tops.  For support it is recommended that the diameter of the pedestal base be at least half the diameter of the top it is supporting.

If you would like to get started on your own pedestal table, click HERE to view all of our pedestal options!

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