Pedestal Table Kit Profile

Marketing Director Christian Smedberg introduces the Pedestal Table Kits.

Table Pedestal Kits come unfinished (sanded to 150 grit) with all hardware installed. When you order a pedestal kit you can expect to receive 1 pedestal base of your choice with hanger bolts installed in the top, and pre-drilled at the bottom to accept the matching feet. The matching feet will have 2 hang bolts installed for a perfect fit with the base of choice.

Pedestal kits are available in a variety of wood types and styles. Whether you plan on painting your pedestal or staining, Osborne offers the right wood type to get the job done. The popular, contemporary Mission style pedestal is a perfect style match for your space. With a unique, square base, the straight lines accentuate other elements of the room, while adding structure to your table. The transitional pedestal offers a unique, square turned profile with sleek and intentional curves. This fascinating design is destined to be a classic! Speaking of classics, the traditional pedestal base offers structure and dignity as it both supports and graces the space.

Be sure to check out our full line of Pedestal Kits today!

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