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Pedestals Anyone?

Traditional Pedestal Base Kit
Traditional Pedestal Base Kit

Our friend Nancy sent over some pictures of their beautiful new table that she created with our Traditional Pedestal Base Kit. Their new table looks stunning and can’t get enough of it!

Nancy chose our Traditional Pedestal Base Kit in Soft Maple to create her beautiful new table. As most of you will know, we normally don’t suggest using soft maple to stain, but this turned out absolutely stunning! She used a darker stain on it which helped to hide some of the imperfections you may normally see with soft maple wood.

Traditional Pedestal Base Kit

Nancy told us that she was very happy with her new table and that it is a very beautiful and sturdy table. We hope that this table will last a life-time for her and that her family members will come over and see what a wonderful job she did creating her own dream table.

Want to create a table like this of your own? Check out our Traditional Pedestal Base Kit (Part # 1178) now! Is this not the exact pedestal you’re looking for? Check out our other pedestal kits HERE.

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