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Ponderosa Pine Sofa Table Features Osborne Island Legs

Fluted Islander Leg
Fluted Islander Leg

You may remember our friend Mike who shared his handcrafted Ponderosa Pine Dining Table with us last holiday season. Well Mike has been back in the shop since creating more stunning designs! Today, We would love to feature a sofa table that Mike and his wife created for a friend’s office. Take a look!

Here is what Mike shared with us about the project, “I just wanted to share our latest table we made using your legs. This is a sofa back table my wife Margaret and I made for a friend’s office. The wood for the table was harvested from and milled on our ranch. It is blue pine. It is Ponderosa pine that has been infected with a blue stain fungus that creates this beautiful color. We wanted the table to be 33 inches high to match a particular sofa, so we used your fluted islander leg out of knotty pine and cut three inches off of the legs. They matched our pine really well.”

Fluted Islander Leg

Mike chose the Osborne Fluted Islander Leg (Part #1460) for his design. As he mentioned, he was able to cut down the leg in order to create the perfect fit. Beautiful work Mike and Margaret! Thank you so much for sharing your project with us!

Do you have a project that calls for something a little shorter than the standard island post? Osborne not only offers a wide variety of posts, but a trim service as well! If your shop doesn’t contain everything you need to trim or notch a post, let us know! We’re happy to create a post that project ready for your design!

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