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Portsmouth Dining Table Leg a Popular Choice for Tables

The Portsmouth Dining table leg (Part #1114) from Osborne is a versatile selection that can easily complement virtually any home. When you look at the Portsmouth table leg, what style do you see? Many see this leg as the perfect addition to the country rustic home. The straight lines, simple turning, and bottom foot all add distinct country elements to the profile. Others may look at the table leg and see a coastal design. The smooth curves and waves, contrasted by the straight sturdy profile creates the perfect silhouette for a coastal themed home. Still others may see a traditional leg, offering design elements that take one back in time. No matter what style you prefer, we’re sure this table leg will find itself right at home in your next design!

Today we would like to feature 2 particular tables that found the Portsmouth Dining Table Leg as the perfect option. Take a look:

farm table construction

Our first table feature comes from our friend Aindrea. Aindrea is in the process of building and designing her farmhouse table. She chose the Portsmouth table legs to complement this farm style design. As you can see, Aindrea’s work in progress is turning out beautifully. We can’t wait to see how this table turns out!

How would you finish Aindrea’s table? Would you use 1 finish or a contrast of 2? Would you paint the base and stain the top? Would you stain the entire table? Let us know in the comments!

Awesome Orange Farmhouse Table

The second table is from our friend Sadie over at the Awesome Orange. Sadie is a great craftsman that creates stunning furniture pieces. For this table, Sadie also chose the Portsmouth Dining Table leg. Sadie told us “these stocky Portsmouth legs really give this all white farmhouse table a solid base!” We’re loving the white distressed table design. Thanks so much for sharing your photo with us, Sadie!

Does the farmhouse table of your dreams look similar to the tables by Aindrea or Sadie? Get started building your dream table today! Browse our full collection of table legs online.

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