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Professional Magician uses Osborne Island Legs

Wilmington Island Post
Wilmington Island Post

There is a special kind of magic in woodworking. It is a beautiful art in which the creator designs a masterpiece to share with the world. But have you ever thought of combining woodworking and magic? Peter W. has! Peter is a professional magician in Maryland who recently used an Osborne Turned Island leg to add a special touch to his performance.

Wilmington Island Post

“I’m a professional magician, and wanted an oversized “candle table” that would look great on stage, but would break down for easier transport. I started with your Wilmington Island Post(Part #1408), and fashioned legs and a top around it. The three segments attach with neodymium magnets, and live in a padded carrying case. I like it so much; I may end up building another!”

Thank you for sharing your photos with us! Great work.

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