Queen Anne Feet

Queen Anne Curio Cabinet Revamp


Our friend Matthew sent us over some pictures of his latest project! Matthew ordered two of our Winged Corner Queen Anne Feet and two of our Queen Anne Center Feet to give his curio cabinet the revamp it needed!

Matthew wrote us and said, “I got those new legs stained, polyurethaned and attached and thought you might like to see how they look on our curio cabinet. Thanks for having the right style and size available and carved so nicely.”


Well Matthew, you were right we did like seeing how amazing these legs looked on your curio cabinet! He chose a stain for the gorgeous red oak feet that matched the cabinet perfectly. You would think these were the original feet! Well done Matthew, and what a gorgeous cabinet! We’re sure that this cabinet will be a family heirloom that is treasured for years to come.

Do you have any pieces of furniture that need a little TLC? Do you need to add or replace any worn furniture feet? Osborne can help you out! Order our gorgeous Winged Corner Queen Anne Feet (Part # 6140) or Queen Anne Center Feet (Part # 6142), like Matthew, today to start your revamping project.

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