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Reclaimed Table and Bench Grace New Home

Jumbo English Country Coffee Table Leg and Husky Dining Table Leg
Jumbo English Country Coffee Table Leg and Husky Dining Table Leg

There is something truly beautiful about reclaimed lumber. The pieces hold so much character and history. Think about it. No two reclaimed wood pieces are exactly alike. The holes where nails used to be, the chips, the splintering, and even the rough edges all add dimension, character, and one of a kind value. Adding reclaimed lumber to your project can be so much fun, but it is also a sustainability project! You are giving new life to old lumber that has been used for decades (even centuries!). I love to see projects using reclaimed lumber. The pieces uniquely belong to the craftsman, and mirror the personality and character of the maker.

Today, I’d like to feature a beautiful farm table featuring reclaimed wood and Osborne table legs! This table design comes from Travis J. Here’s what Travis told us at Osborne, “Thanks for the great quality and excellent product. My wife and I bought a house about 4 months ago and we wanted a dining room table but couldn’t afford the ones we wanted and I stumbled upon your website and we thought we could make one we wanted instead. Using some reclaimed wood we put a table top and bench top together and finished both off with your products. Your legs gave the table a beautiful and dramatic look and everything turned out exactly how we wanted. We couldn’t have bought a better table. So thank you again and we will definitely be using more of your products in the future.”

Travis used the Osborne Husky Dining Table Leg (Part #1109) to support the table design. He also chose the Jumbo English Country Coffee Table Leg (Part #1302). The simple and subtle turnings of the legs complimented the project perfectly. Beautiful work Travis! Thank you so much for sharing your project with us.

Do you have your eye on a solid wood table? Does the table come with a bit of sticker shock? Take it from Travis, and consider building your own dining table! Osborne supplies not only turned dining table legs and coffee table legs (which are the perfect height for benches), but apron kits and custom table tops as well. Contact our friendly customer service staff today and be well on your way to your dream table!

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