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Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table with Osborne Farm Table Legs

Farm Coffee Table Leg
Farm Coffee Table Leg

Imagine an old mill or barn dating back over 100 years. Now imagine a piece of that history being preserved in your home. This preservation and repurposing is what reclaimed projects are all about. Each piece of reclaimed lumber has a rich history. It is also incredibly beautiful and unique. Every mark, nail hole, dent, or chip tells a story of the past. The boards are truly one of a kind and cannot be replicated.

Reclaimed boards can be used in a number of projects; some structural while others decorative. Reclaimed and rough sawn lumber can be used as mantels, flooring, cabinetry, vanities, and much more. Reclaimed lumber is also a very popular choice for tables. Whether a diningend, or coffee table, reclaimed lumber makes an excellent choice. The wood adds character to the piece and is an excellent conversation starter at the focal point of the room.

Today, I would like to feature a beautiful reclaimed coffee table from Chad V. Chad chose to support his coffee table by using the Osborne Farm Coffee Table Leg (Part #1340) in Knotty Pine. The knotty pine was the perfect choice for the table, as Chad was able to finish the pieces with a distressed finish to match the character of the table. The legs were finished in distressed white, bringing out the beauty of the natural reclaimed wood top.

Be sure to see more of Chad’s work by looking him up on Facebook. He’s also on Instagram at: Little_House_Furniture

Thank you for sharing your photo with us Chad. The table turned out beautifully!

Do you have access to beautiful and historic reclaimed lumber? Design and create a beautiful table with the help of Osborne using that amazing piece of history! Osborne offers table legs in coffeeend, and dining table height. With the variety of available styles you are sure to find the perfect fit for your table. Legs are also available in over 18 wood types, allowing you to perfectly match your design. Browse our full table leg collection today!

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