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Refinished Oak Table with Equalizer Slides

26" Equalizer Slide (51" opening)
26" Equalizer Slide (51" opening)

Todd C. of Florida recently decided to refinish his old oak table. He turned to Osborne Wood Products to help him with this project. Let’s take a look at what Todd has to say about his project:

“About 33 years ago my wife and I purchased an old oak table from a friend. The table has always been used in a breakfast area or gathering place for our family.  Recently our grandson and great-grandson moved in with us we decided to refinish the table.  

26" Equalizer Slide (51" opening)

The baby found tablecloths too tempting to pull.  I attempted to refurbish the slides, but after many hours I decided that they needed to be replaced.  I remembered seeing table slides in an Osborne catalog I had received and went to the website to see what was available.  The old slides were 32 inches long.  A custom set that size would cost over $600.

26" Equalizer Slide (51" opening)

I talked with Cindy in customer service and she worked with the measurements to come up with the appropriate size of standard slides.  By moving them a little outboard of where the original ones were the table is now extremely stable and easy to adjust.”

Todd ordered a pair of Osborne 26 x 2 3/8″ Equalizer Slides with a 51″ opening (Part #9053).

Thank you for sharing these pictures with us Todd. We hope your family enjoys this beautiful table!

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