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Rejuvenation Homes Adds Elegant Detail With Osborne Posts

Classic Reeded Island Pst
Classic Reeded Island Post

Close your eyes and think of your dream kitchen. For me, it’s the smell of fresh baked bread, hardwood floors, and plenty of open counter space. Contrasting colors and plenty of lighting to accent the space, make a kitchen feel just like home. The kitchen is a haven, a sanctuary of sorts. It’s a place to cook and bake, meet and greet, and entertain. It’s a family room. It is truly the heart of the home.

Today I would like to feature a beautiful kitchen design sent to us from Dina of Rejuvenation Homes Inc. This kitchen could definitely meet my qualifications for dream kitchen! Take a look at the excellent combination of lights, darks, and textures. Perfect! You will also notice that at the very center of this space is a beautiful kitchen island. Not only does this island provide ample space, but it features the Classic Reeded Island Posts (Part #1456) in Maple. These maple legs were the perfect fit for this room, providing texture without overstating the design. They easily and flawlessly complement without taking anything away from the rest of the design. Painted white to match the island and cabinetry, the legs offer a delightful contrast to the solid wood top and hardwood floors. Amazing work Dina. Thank you so much for sharing this photo!

Whether renovating your kitchen or adding a few touches of elegance, Osborne Wood Products can help you create a value added custom design at an affordable price. Adding island postscorbels, or appliques can change the entire feel of the space. All items come unfinished so that you can match them to your current design! Browse our full collection of wood components today!

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