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Repurposed 5-Panel Door Makes Exquisite Dining Table

Two Sided Tapered Dining Table Leg
Two Sided Tapered Dining Table Leg

When you hear the word “repurpose” what comes to mind? “Going Green?” “Sustainability?” What about: “elegant home decor?” With the creativity and craftsmanship of our customers, repurposed and home decor easily and seamlessly make a perfect pair. Here’s a great example:

Seth K. of Kirchhoff Tables in Missouri created a beautiful table that was, you guessed it, repurposed. The table originated from a 5-Panel door that belonged to his clients. Seth used the Osborne Two Sided Tapered Dining Table Legs (Part #1182), and custom tapered legs for the bench.  Here’s what Seth told us about the project:

Two Sided Tapered Dining Table Leg

“Osborne, a while back a customer contacted me with a unique request. They had an old 5-panel door found in their rafters during a remodel. They wanted to know if I could turn it into a one of a kind dining room table. While I was at it, they wanted me to increase the size a bit to accommodate their growing family. The result turned out absolutely perfect and they loved it so much they asked for a bench to match! The dining legs are Osborne’s “Two Sided Tapered Dining Table Leg” in Maple. And because I needed the bench legs to match the table, only in a smaller scale, the Osborne Custom Shop built the bench legs for me. I hope you enjoy. I know my customers do!”

Thank you for sharing your project with us Seth! This table is amazing!

Whether you have a 5-panel door, old oak slab, or a box fan lying around, explore creative ideas for creating your very own repurposed table! Osborne offers a variety of styles and sizes of table legs to offer you the perfect fit. And don’t forget to send us a photo of your finished project!

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