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Repurposed Church Pews Become a Table for the Whole Family

48" Table Slide

Repurpose projects from our customers never cease to amaze me. I just love seeing how, with woodworking and creativity, our customers can turn discarded or aged items into something new and beautiful. Jerry M’s project is definitely no exception!

Table Slides

Jerry M. of Wichita, Kansas turned discarded church pews into a beautiful dining table and chairs. Jerry ordered a pair of Osborne 48″ Standard Table Slides with 120″ opening(Part #9061). He also ordered a set of corner brackets to complete his project (Part #901HW). Let’s allow Jerry to explain his project for us:

“Part of the fun of this project is that the table and chairs, not pictured, were made from salvaged church pews.  Our church remodeled and replaced all the pews so the priest asked if anybody had a use for the old ones.  Me, always looking at what something might be instead of what it was, thought: “hmmm  dining table.”  We have 3 kids and 8 grandchildren and always get together on Sunday evenings for dinner.  I thought it would be nice to have a table that we could all gather round instead of card tables stacked together so I thought, ‘bring on the church pews.’”

I love the idea Jerry! Thank you for sharing your photos!

Jerry also briefly explained his experience with Osborne Wood Products: “First off, let me say that it always a pleasant surprise when you order something for the first time and when it arrives, it far exceeds your expectations.  I wasn’t sure how your slides would work on a large table, 9′-19′, but they open and shut with absolutely minimal effort.  Better than expected.”

Table Slides

We are so glad you are pleased with your slides Jerry! I’m sure you will be enjoying your table for years to come.

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