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Rope Table Legs Perfect for a Farm Table

Kerrie Padget Finished 2

Our friend Kerrie sent us over a couple pictures of the table her dad built for her using our Traditional Rope Dining Table Leg. Kerrie said, “My dad has always enjoyed wood working, but it hasn’t been since he’s retired that he started building for others.” Well, all we have to say is put our name down for the next project because this table is amazing!

We cannot believe our eyes. Kerrie said her dad built the top using old barn wood from a barn that was torn down in their home town- talk about beautifully re-purposed! The Traditional Rope Dining Table Leg compliments the rustic top perfectly and gives the whole table just a little extra detail. But Kerrie’s dad isn’t the only one with talent in this family. Kerrie was the one who painted and stained the table and added to this table’s wonderful charm. She chose a lightly stained classic grey color for the top and sealed it with polycrylic, and then she chose a gorgeous cotton color chalk paint for the rest of the table.

In regards to our legs Kerrie said, “They are gorgeous. They have been getting many compliments and I have referred those people who ask to you.” While we definitely agree, these legs are stunning, it is the pure craftsmanship of Kerrie and her dad that make this table really stand out.

This table has a simple and sweet style that is just perfect for almost any home! Not to mention the fact that it was built with hard work and love. We know that it will be a staple piece in their home for many generations.

Are you ready to start your project? Has this post inspired you to build a lasting memory for your family and friends? Shop our wonderful selection of dining table legs and get started today! Or if you liked what you saw from Kerrie and her dad, try out our Traditional Rope Dining Table Leg(Part #1011) and add a little detail to your project!

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