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Roped Island Height Table


Our friend David sent us over pictures of the dining room table he built using our Roped Island Leg.  We love the fact that David went with the island height legs for this project.

These legs stand 34 ½ inches tall and 5 inches wide making it a tall and sturdy addition to any table. A normal dining table leg stands about 29 inches tall, so this particular leg was perfect in giving David’s table a little extra height. Great choice David!

David also made several amazing choices when finishing the table.We can’t get over how great the white paint job he gave the table legs contrasts with the dark stained top. The whole table goes perfectly with the pop of color he threw in there with the blue island height chairs! This table is definitely giving us a bad case of project envy!


This table will be a perfect addition to David’s home for a very long time! It’s simple farm house style can fit in almost any home, and they are definitely keeping things fun and interesting with those chairs! Thank you so much for sharing your project with us David; we love it!!!

Do you like your tables big and tall as well? Start thinking outside the box like David did and check out our Roped Island Leg (Part #1429) or our selection of other Kitchen Island Legs. Or are you a fan of the traditional height of dining table legs? No problem! We have a great variety of Dining Table Legs as well. Get creative and build something!

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