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Rustic Entertainment Center

Rustic Entertainment Center
Rustic Entertainment Center

One of the focal points of many families is the living or entertainment room.  Here, everyone can spend time relaxing, playing games, or watching a movie together.  As such, having a beautiful entertainment center that fits your families style is an absolute must!

This custom built entertainment center uses Osborne’s Narrow Concord Island Post (part #1470) for support.  Two full legs are at one of the ends, which gives the furniture a unique unsymmetrical look.  The bottom block on the legs allows for an open shelf space providing both functionality and decoration.  Under the closed in portion of the center, they took just the end portions of the legs (under the bottom block) and used them as decorative feet to keep a uniform look.

The soft maple (paintgrade) legs took the grey paint beautifully.  To match, the rest of the furniture piece was given a white and grey weathered finish.  With the knotty top, the overall look creates a rustic and relaxed center with plenty of storage!  Who wouldn’t want to gather around this entertainment center to watch a show and wind down from the day?  And of course, this family agreed.  “Once again, the legs worked out great.  Thank you again for the wonderful service you provide!”

To see more island legs, click HERE!  To see furniture feet, click HERE!

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